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Sustainable Eco Store to launch as Plastic Free Champions

Philippa Crosthwaite

21 December 2020


MEDIA LAUNCH: Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs today will be cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of new sustainable and eco-friendly living store, Sustainable Co Eco Store at the Adelaide Central Markets, the latest addition to the House of Health Collective.

In conjunction with the Green Industries SA Plastic Free Precinct program, the Minister will also be acknowledging the store's “Plastic Free Champion” status, certifying that the store is officially “plastic-free” under the program’s requirements.

Co-owners Chester and Rob Frank, Ivan and Alex Oulianoff have continued to be pioneers in the sustainability space having championed sustainability and eco-friendly living for over 30 years and were acknowledged as the first site in the Adelaide Central Markets to achieve “Plastic Free Champion’ status” last year.

“We are proud to be recognised once again as champions in this space, and are thrilled to be opening our new eco-living store, Sustainable Co Eco Store” said co-owner, Chester Frank.

He added “we designed the store with a mission to support the change to building a life based around a mindset of consuming less with consciously sourced wares for the ethically minded consumer and buying in bulk which reinforces our objective of buying only what you need”.

Sustainable Co Eco Store is a 'slower living' store designed with a mission to support the change to building a life based on the mindset of consuming less with a focus on sustainability, zero-waste, environmentally friendly cleaning, body and personal products.

With the addition of Sustainable Co Eco Store, we are now able to provide sustainable and affordable, certified organic produce (Central Organic), whole foods, bulk foods and health foods (House of Health) and now sustainable wares, bulk liquids and dog foods. (Sustainable Co Eco Store). effectively a one stop shop for those that want to tread lightly or those that want great value health foods and produce.

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