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We are a full-service digital agency that creates effective end-to-end solutions to guide businesses in building their brands and unlocking opportunities to reach their objectives.


Our team consists of passionate professionals with combined decades of experience across a broad range of industries and disciplines who have the knowledge, creativity and expertise to help brands achieve their goals. 




We help brands by starting with the why so we can gain a full understanding of your business and the most effective tactics and recommendations for your brand to unlock its potential.


During the Discovery phase of our strategic process, our team of experts sit and listen to our clients to understand their business, goals, strategy, operations, pain points and so on so we can gather all the information we end to gain a high-level understanding of the ins and outs of your brand to make the best recommendations to build it and make recommendations to agree on,


  • Project scope 

  • Project strategic roadmap and schedule 

  • Project costs



For a full strategic bible to guide your marketing efforts for either a calendar year or a short-term campaign, we’ll discuss your markets, customers, competition, business environment, industry trends, calendar of events, public relations, partnerships, as well as perform an audit and analysis of your current activities during an in-depth planning session. 



This bespoke bible will guide what activities to implement to reach your objectives to be implemented by your team or on your behalf by your project team at The Brand Bar. 


This strategy document will outline company resources and tactics to achieve specific marketing objectives based on the desires of your business uncovered in the above planning session.  


As an extension of your strategy, we also put together a roadmap of recommendations that guides the implementation phase to reach your objectives. 



If The Brand Bar is managing the implementation phase of your project on your behalf, this is the exciting part of the actual construction of where your campaign or project takes shape and the result. 


Our review phase is conducted at regular intervals or the planning and execution of a project or campaign to ensure that it is running on time and on budget to help form a report and analysis either at an agreed phase of a client relationship during its implementation or throughout a calendar year. 


During this, we have a strategy session to go over wins, roadblocks and recommendations moving forward to ensure you’re on track to reach your objectives at all times. 

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