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Flip Crosthwaite | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency




We are a full-service digital agency that creates effective end-to-end solutions to guide businesses in building their brands and unlocking opportunities to reach their objectives.


Our team consists of passionate professionals with combined decades of experience across a broad range of industries and disciplines who have the knowledge, creativity and expertise to help brands achieve their goals. 

Back in 2018, Co-Founder, Philippa (Flip) Crosthwaite, armed with a wealth of experience and an unquenchable thirst for innovation and helping businesses thrive, decided it was time to break free from the cookie-cutter mould of traditional business.

Within six months, her digital marketing and creative skills combined with Co-Founder Adam Crosthwaite's knowledge for business saw the birth of The Brand Bar with the origin of its name giving a nod to the wine bars in Adelaide where client meetings originally used be held.

Now based in Melbourne with clients across the globe, The Brand Bar has stayed true to its ethos, which is to immerse ourselves in our clients businesses to help them grow their brands. 





Flip is driven by an unwavering passion for helping businesses achieve their fullest potential through strategic and innovative marketing. Her motto is, "If our clients win, we win." She believes deeply in the transformative power of effective communication and brand storytelling, creating long-lasting relationships and embedding herself in clients businesses. 

Flip's journey began after earning a Bachelor of Public Relations at UniSA, where a chance presentation led to her first role in the media department of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA). By age 22, she had already been part of the team to secure the historic SACA vote for the redevelopment of Adelaide Oval. She contributed to the Adelaide Strikers' brand development, was part of the media team during two West End Redbacks premierships. She was then appointed as the third employee at the newly developed Adelaide Oval, implementing marketing strategies under the CEO.

Flip discovered her talent for understanding consumer behaviour and crafting resonant messages during these high-profile marketing roles, including Communications Manager at Sidewood Estate, where she consistently delivered exceptional results.

In 2018, Flip founded The Brand Bar to create a marketing agency that empowers businesses to tell their unique stories and connect meaningfully with their audiences. Under her leadership, The Brand Bar is known for innovation, creativity, and client-centric solutions.

Flip's holistic approach to marketing goes beyond promotions and advertisements, focusing on creating cohesive brand experiences. She is dedicated to educating and mentoring clients, ensuring that every strategy meets specific business goals.

Flip's enthusiasm and dedication to helping businesses thrive is evident in every project. She is a partner in her clients' success, continually pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. 

Flip Crosthwaite | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency


Adam Crosthwaite embodies the perfect blend of two passions; business and sport. As a seasoned marketer and accomplished cricketer, Adam's journey is a testament to his dedication, skill, and versatility.

As CEO, Adam is not just a leader but a visionary, guiding the team with wisdom and foresight. His strategic mindset and forward-thinking approach have propelled the company to new heights, cementing its reputation.

In the realm of marketing, sales and business, Adam is recognised as a strategic thinker and innovative leader. With extensive experience spanning various industries, he has spearheaded numerous successful campaigns, driving growth and elevating brand presence. Adam's expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including digital marketing, brand management, and strategic planning.

Off the field, Adam's love for cricket runs deep. From a young age, he honed his skills on the pitch, displaying a natural talent and a fierce competitive spirit. His dedication and hard work paid off, leading to notable achievements in the cricketing world, having played with Victorian Bushrangers, South Australian Redbacks, and the Adelaide Strikers


Following this time his focus was within Healthcare at Device Technologies Australia.

Adam's ability to excel both in the marketing arena and on the cricket field speaks volumes about his character and determination. Whether crafting compelling marketing strategies, facing off against opponents on the pitch or building team culture, Adam approaches every challenge with focus, passion, and a drive to succeed.

Adam's leadership style is characterised by integrity, vision, and a dedication to fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Under his guidance, the company continues to evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients, ensuring their success both now and in the future.

Adam Crosthwaite | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency
Harlem Edmunds-Latham | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency Australia Wide



Harlem is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for driving impactful brand strategies and fostering meaningful connections.


With a background rooted in marketing and communications, Harlem has honed her skills over years of experience in various industries, including technology, entertainment, and hospitality.


Harlem is known for her strategic mindset, creative approach, and ability to deliver results that resonate with audiences. 

Outside of her professional endeavours, Harlem is deeply engaged in the boxing community. Harlem's dedication to excellence, coupled with her genuine enthusiasm for marketing, makes her a trusted leader and valued contributor in the ever-evolving world of marketing and communications.

Tom Deighton | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency



Tom brings a wealth of experience and a keen strategic mind to his role at The Brand Bar. 


Since starting with The Brand Bar during university in 2021, Tom has honed his skills in various facets of marketing, including digital strategy, content production, videography and photography. His ability to craft innovative marketing solutions that drive business growth has made him a pivotal member of The Brand Bar team.

At The Brand Bar, Tom is known for his personable skills, analytical approach and creative problem-solving solutions. Tom’s dedication to delivering exceptional results and his commitment to continuous learning and adaptation is establishing him as a respected asset to The Brand Bar and amongst our clients. 


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