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Partnering with a dedicated marketing agency like The Brand Bar Marketing Agency is the strategic move that can transform your brand's reach and impact.

With a team of experts handling your marketing efforts, you can focus on what you do best—running your business. Let us elevate your brand with tailored strategies, cutting-edge tools, and data-driven insights, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and connect with your audience in meaningful ways. Invest in a marketing agency today and watch your business thrive.

Our difference is we care about your business, our team of experts will fully immerse ourselves in your brand and get to know everything there is to know about your business, industry, your pain points and goals and will work with you and your team to help you achieve your objectives. 

We have a range of different tiered full service retainer options customised to suit your needs and budgets starting from $4k + GST invoiced monthly.


  • 12 Month Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Monthly Report

  • Monthly Strategy Session 

  • Full Social Media Management (Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram delivered a month in advance) 

  • Regular Content Days (Photography & Videography) 

  • Graphic Design (Print, Digital) 

  • Email Marketing 

  • Copywriting 

  • Blog Writing

  • Campaigns

  • Ads Management

  • Event Coverage 

  • Community Management

  • Partnerships

  • Access to chat to any of our team whenever you need


Harlem Edmunds-Latham | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency
  • You’re posting on social media and paying for advertising without really understanding why you’re doing it and if your results are impactful. You aren’t driven by purpose, goals, or objectives.


    Ultimately, acting without a strategy leads to ineffective marketing and inefficient use of resources and finances . The Brand Bar can help you build a marketing strategy to guide your actions and develop out a plan that drives results.

  • Sometimes you know you need to improve your marketing but don’t know why, where to start or what to focus on. You know you have problems but aren’t sure what they are. As a third party we can offer objectivity and do a complete audit of your marketing activities and customer journey and use our experience to create a plan to tackle those challenges.

  • You don’t know what your key objectives should be and in a panic to compensate, you set too many objectives that compete for your attention and ultimately dilute your ability to achieve any of them. The Brand Bar can help you understand the key objectives that will move the needle for your business, and establish a hierarchy of priorities to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

  • Marketing agencies are pros at increasing efficiency and productivity. We can set you up with the latest tools and technologies to cut wasted time, reduce resources and save on cost and determine what programs and tools you’ll benefit from most. The Brand Bar will be able to focus on more important tools, including the use of data intelligence to make informed decisions and boost your results.

  • Marketing takes time, especially when you’re trying to create content that engages your audience on social media, maintain consistent branding, keep your website updated and optimised for SEO, manage your advertising and build your email marketing list. It’s a lot, and marketing agencies can do it all for you.


    While The Brand Bar manages it all for you, you can get back to the thing you’re good at, like networking, offering your services or developing products.


During the initial Discovery phase of our strategic approach, our team of creative marketers will take the time to listen attentively and learn about your marketing aspirations, challenges, objectives, and current activities. This discussion allows us to thoroughly understand the intricacies of your brand and develop tailored recommendations.


Following the Discovery phase, we will provide you with:


  • Scope: outline of the parameters and objectives.

  • Strategic Roadmap & Timeline: a meticulously outlined plan highlighting key milestones and timelines.

  • Project Costs: transparently presented costs, contingent upon the nature of the engagement – whether it be a one-time project (such as branding, website development or campaign execution) or an ongoing collaboration (such as social media management).

Flip Crosthwaite | The Brand Bar Marketing Agency
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