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Am I an Apex Legend?

Friday evenings during the warmer months can be a mixture of drinking with friends at a new, funky bar. Or it can be a domestic nights in as I get to observe Adam’s pre-cricket ritual, astonished by his meticulous neatness bordering on OCD in preparing for cricket which will last all weekend.

I am intrigued, yet also amazed, at how the random chaos that naturally occurs during the working week can suddenly shift into methodical order when it comes to packing the kit for cricket. I don’t pretend to understand why, yet I do find it cute.

Earlier on my Instagram feed I observe the buzz and metrics around this new phenomenon that is Apex Legends (click to watch my the first experience has with the game) with more than 22 million hours watched in a week during late February. That is huge, even with #MAFS smashing social content.

Apex Legends – A World Where Anything Goes! Choose from a lineup of outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes, each with their own set of skills. The Apex Games welcome all comers – survive long enough, and they call you a Legend.

I am intrigued as this sleek science fiction battle royale has thrown down the gauntlet to Fortnite! PS4 cranked up, glass of wine by my side and lights turned down. The big screen is loaded. Adam decides that best for him is to be my trusted guide and help me through my first battle royale.

When I play something new, I find it natural to share my thoughts openly while trying to work out what is going on.

Philippa: What is my goal?

Adam: Trying to kill people, pick up weapons, stay in the ring and survive.

Seems quite obvious and logical, yet everything happens so fast. This is a battle royale at hyperspeed.

P: Can I go in the water? Barracuda is my team mate!

Working through the functions on the controller. Square. Triangle. X. Swooping across the sky on rope slides, skidding down a hill, or vaulting over objects creates a sense of speed and lightness. Anything seems possible.

A: One of your team mates is dead.

P: That’s so sad, how do I help him?

After the initial shock of loss, the ability to reincarnate at a specific respawn point allows a return to the fight. Yay!

P: Can I hide? How do I tell where they are?

Destroyed again in a deluge of explosions and bullets.

P: Didn’t even give me a chance!

The pace is relentless. However, being able to jump back into the fray with a different legend is addictive. Move on quickly.

Please excuse my choice of comfortable leisure wear. Open to receive suggestions on what type of game play outfits work best 😊

I am not sure I am an Apex Legend just yet...


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