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Five 2023 Marketing Trends to consider

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Using our own experience and industry research, we’ve put together five marketing trends you need to consider incorporating into your strategy for 2023.

1. The rise and rise of Tik Tok

2022 saw Tik Tok generate a whopping $4.6 billion in 2021 and with 1.8 billion monthly active users it’s something that businesses can’t ignore in 2023. As of January 2023, Ads are still reasonably priced and with the rise of influencer marketing, their Tik Tok Creator platform will help accessibility to person's of influence to use them for content to build brand trust and credibility.

According to, In the US, the app has already outpaced Pinterest with social buyer penetration and by this metric, per their forecast by the end of 2023, it will beat Instagram and tie with Facebook.

A graph featuring social buyer growth across social platforms

2. Authenticity

After what has been a turbulent couple of years, consumers are losing faith in brands that don’t show authenticity and purpose.

Marketing used to be about creating a lifestyle that was often desired but out of reach to its target audience (queue the now defunct Victoria’s Secret Angels and the brands refusal to pivot who now find themselves playing catch up having lost the trust of its audience post - #MeToo and a body positive audience).

We’re finding the consumer now wants a level of authenticity to what they’re seeing through creating a lifestyle that can be achieved by its target audience and being a little more raw with the content they're sharing. Younger people are now taking the time to research before making their purchase and will look for brands that align with their own values and show a more human side through communicating with them online.

3. SEO

As people are researching more than ever before making a purchase, being able to improve organic search engine optimisation is a top inbound marketing priority to incorporate into your strategy for 2023.

4. Mobile Marketing

With more and more people using their mobile devices for all their day to day functions, mobile should be considered a major part of your strategy for the simple fact that 86% of the global population — are smartphone users.

When putting together your marketing assets (for example website, social content, ad campaigns and marketing emails) consider the fact that more than likely, they will be seen by its user on a mobile phone.

Providing customers with a reliable and seamless mobile user experience will help build trust and loyalty and keep them coming back.

5. Video will remain top form content type:

Today, video continues to be used by the vast majority of businesses as a more engaging option compared to text posts. Did you know according to Statista that;

  • The global average for video consumption is 84 minutes per day.

  • 90% of viewers watch videos on their mobiles

With the decreasing attention span of viewers, in 2023 short-form videos will continue to trend.

Use a Digital Marketing Expert

From socials, to blogs to case studies and email marketing, marketing has so many areas and elements to it, we are a full service agency that can become the marketing arm to your business to help you achieve your 2023 goals and objectives.

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