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Case Study: Catch Max by Glenn Maxwell Launch Campaign

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Glenn Maxwell Catch Max Header

Glenn Maxwell with Flip Crosthwaite, Adam Crosthwaite and Caroline Edmunds
Glenn Maxwell with Flip Crosthwaite, Adam Crosthwaite and Caroline Edmunds-Latham.

The Brand Bar was approached by cricket superstar, Glenn Maxwell's management team to help launch their digital fan engagement product, Catch Max.

The Catch Max digital membership is where the fusion of innovative technology and the world of cricket combine to give fans never seen before access to one of cricket's biggest names, Glenn Maxwell.

The cutting-edge digital membership transcends boundaries, inviting fans from around the world to actively engage with Glenn, join a growing community and enjoy exclusive perks along the way.

The Catch Max by Glenn Maxwell Launch Campaign Objective:

Attract 10,000 members during a free five day sign up period.

The Catch Max by Glenn Maxwell Launch Campaign Results:

  • Our launch campaign generated more than 16,600 members

  • Our launch campaign reached 6,482,951 people

What we did:

Caroline Edmunds taking photos of Glenn Maxwell
  • In the lead-up to the paid ads period we set up their social platforms and developed a strategy to build organic awareness about the product resulting in over 3,657 followers on Instagram.

  • We did several content days with Glenn to use in producing content across the period.

  • We activated a Discord Channel that was managed by The Brand Bar and Glenn's core management team that was used to build his community and engage with them in an intimate setting during the IPL cricket tournament in India, resulting in over 3,681 members.

  • We ran multiple Live sessions across Discord, Facebook and Instagram to build awareness in the lead up period, with one of the Facebook Live's attracting more than 49,000 views.

  • During the paid ads period we ran multiple paid ads across Meta that were tested and optimised consistently throughout the period to ensure we were on track to reaching our core goal of 10,000 members.

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