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Case Study: One More Night For Tania & Medical Sphere

One More Night For Tania featuring Philippa Crosthwaite, Emily Galea and Caroline Edmunds

Emily Galea from Medical Sphere approached The Brand Bar for help in developing a strategy and content for the fundraising event, One More Night for Tania which was held in honour of Tania Barrett for sadly passed away from Multiple System Atrophy. The event aimed to raise funds for The Florey institute for the Victorian Brain Bank (VBB) to aid vital research into the disease to help find a cure. It was hugely successful and the night raised over $90, 000.

The Work:

After completing a "Discovery Session" with Emily and the team, we worked together in piecing together a full content roadmap strategy and plan in the lead up to the event which we helped to implement.

We completed:

  • Professional video about the research the Florey Institute for the Victorian Brain Bank completes to showcase on the night

  • Social media plan to showcase sponsors, partners and auction items

  • Social media content and management for the platform

  • Video of the event itself

  • Professional photography on the night

  • BTS video content for Medical Sphere of the process.

  • Video content of sponsors and partners as requested


1. See the video that was created by The Brand Bar that featured on the big screen during the presentation on the night:

2. See BTS of some of the shots taken by The Brand Bar on the night:

3. See a snapshot of some of the professional images as captured by The Brand Bar below:


"I engaged The Brand Bar to assist with social media management, capturing the night on film and editing a video that demonstrated where money raised was going.

Fundraising is difficult. Additionally, I need to firstly prioritise the impacted families and accurately disseminate medical information from the treating clinicians and researchers.

I, therefore, was nervous using an external marketing agency to help portray and convey these important messages.

The Brand Bar took the time to understand this cause and the family involved. They went above and beyond to get comms accurate, immersed themselves in my team, their communication was clear and we all worked to achieve the best possible outcome.