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The 8 Limbs Of Marketing

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The ISKA World Championship was held in Munich, Germany during October, and Scarlett Mahony, our sponsored Muay Thai athlete, placed 3rd representing Australia. Our team couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments and excited to see what her future career holds as a fighter.

Head Coach Dwayne Harris (left) and Muay Thai fighter Scarlett Mahony (right) holding a branded sponsorship t-shirt with The Brand Bar's logo visible in the top lefthand corner.
Head Coach Dwayne Harris (left) and Muay Thai fighter Scarlett Mahony (right) holding a branded sponsorship t-shirt with The Brand Bar's logo visible in the top lefthand corner.

Muay Thai is a powerful ancient art that is often referred to as “the art of eight limbs” because it uses eight parts of the body for striking, these being two fists (punches), two feet/shins (kicks), two elbows and two knees. These make up the fighter's arsenal of weapons.

This got our creative minds ticking, what weapons are at the disposal of a digital marketer? And if the phase "the art of the eight limbs" were applied to digital marketing, what would they be?

Scarlett Mahony (right) competing at Muay Thai Victoria with the heading "The 8 Limbs Of Marketing" and various navy blue labels with text.
Scarlett Mahony (right) competing at Muay Thai Victoria with the heading "The 8 Limbs Of Marketing" and various navy blue labels with text.

1. Two Fists (Punches) = Strategy & Branding

Almost all martial arts and combat sports use fists/punches as a striking technique. In Muay Thai competition specifically, punches are fundamental weapons that are often at the beginning of a combination, the set-up to a kick or elbow or the ending to a fight by knockout. However, in the eyes of judges punches are not scored as highly as kicks or elbows.

Because of this we believe in the world of digital marketing, the role of two fists/punches resemble the role strategy. This is because whether its traditional marketing or digital marketing, strategy and branding are fundamental for any business. Furthermore, like punches in Muay Thai, strategy and branding are at the beginning of any business or marketing activity and can lead to a knockout performance when executed successfully.

2. Two Feet (Kicks) = Content & Engagement

Explosive kicks are the most effective technique in a Muay Thai fighters arsenal. Kicks score highly in the eyes of judges, get the crowd roaring in awe and with a variety of variations available, kicks can be used as both offensive and defensive weapons.

For these reasons, we see the role of kicks being similar to the role of social media content and audience engagement. Just like a beautiful, clean kick to the body is sure to wow the judges, thoughtfully curated and relevant content is sure to wow your audience and score highly when it resonates with them. Likewise, engagement (comments, shares, DM's, etc) is an incredibly powerful technique to developing a meaningful relationship with your audience, build trust and get your brand top of their minds. When used together, relevant content and consistent engagement can assist in accelerating awareness, beating algorithms, deepening relationships and giving your brand a human side with two-way communication.

3. Two Elbows = Paid Advertising

Elbows are regarded as the most distinctive and devastating weapons that a fighter can use in Muay Thai. They score highly, cause the most damage and are what separates Muay Thai from other martial arts such as Karate and Kickboxing.

That's why we have crowned Paid Advertising as the elbows of digital marketing. Paid Advertising has the ability to score highly due to its incredible targeting capabilities and ability push to through the noise to reach viewers with tailored campaigns that generate the results that ultimately move the needle for a business. When compared to traditional forms of marketing and advertising, paid advertising campaigns through platforms such as Meta Ads or Google AdWords are also what separates digital marketing to its predecessors.

4. Two Knees = Reporting & Evaluation

Like elbows, knee strikes are what sets Muay Thai apart from other martial arts and when delivered effectively, have the potential to inflict paralysing damage to an opponent. However, because knees must be throw from such a close range, they are sometimes overlooked by a fighter in the ring.

Due to this nature, we see similarities between knees and reporting and evaluation. The reporting tools that digital media has opened up for marketers and business owners are unparalleled to anything seen before and it is access to these metrics and insights that separates digital marketing from traditional forms of marketing such as print, TV or radio. Furthermore, when the time is taken to not only export a report but to evaluate the numbers and transfer any insights or learnings into your marketing strategy, this can lead to devastating improvements in marketing activity and ensure your brand is always growing, improving and succeeding beyond competitors.

But in Muay Thai, it is important for a fighter to practise and master use of all eight of their limbs, as too much focus on one can lead to weakness and vulnerability in another. This also stands true within the fast paced world of digital marketing. For your brand to succeed in not just the first round but make it to the final bell, it is imperative to put effort into all eight limbs of your marketing activity. This will enable you to continue evolving your brand, expanding your business and achieving your goals.

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