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Branding For Pro Athletes: What You Need To Know

We're excited to announce the sponsorship of Australian Muay Thai athlete, Scarlett Mahony, and welcome her to The Brand Bar family!

Scarlett Mahony and Caroline Edmunds-Latham
Muay Thai fighter Scarlett Mahony (left) and TBB's Senior Account Manager Caroline Edmunds-Latham (right) together at World Fitness Cartel celebrating the sponsorship

Training out of World Fitness Cartel (WFC) - Ferntree Gully with head coach Dwayne Harris, Scarlett has been selected to represent Australia in the ISKA World Championships in Munich, Germany in October this year.

You might think that most of a pro fighters time and effort goes into strengthening and conditioning their bodies and minds to perform effectively in the ring. However, when an athlete of any kind reaches a certain status, their influence and impact becomes much higher, and it becomes crucial for them to pay closer attention to building a successful personal brand.

What is personal branding?

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling wearing fluro lycra rollerblading on the beach
Scarlett Mahony at World Fitness Cartel - Ferntree Gully.

Your personal brand is simply the image people have of you. It is all about how you promote yourself and the unique combination of your experience, skills and personality through which the world sees you. It involves telling your story and is expressed through your manner, behaviour, spoken and unspoken words, attitudes - even they way you dress.

Why is personal branding important?

Your personal brand isn't just communicated from the content you share online or way you conduct yourself in real life (these all being within your control), but is also communicated through how the media portrays you, impressions from third party information online about you and what people say about you when you leave a room (these being out of your control).

Whether we're intentional about it or not, we all have a personal brand. You can either ignore it and let your brand develop organically on it's own - and potentially chaotically - or you can take control of your brand to depict yourself in the way you want people to see you and leverage it to develop and advance your career.

How does personal branding help athletes?

Building a personal brand is crucial for pro athletes, of any sport, because it helps to:

  1. Attract new sponsorships and partnerships, which can ultimately provide financial support or total income.

  2. Build a career and opportunities beyond the sport that can supply additional income or support you during injury, off-seasons or complete retirement from the sport.

  3. Set yourself apart from the competition and build a positive name and reputation for yourself in order to get more bookings, media opportunities, sponsorships and partnerships and so on.

  4. Share your story to inspire others (such as kids or other athletes) and connect with fans on a larger scale in a more personable way.

  5. Build a strong network of people in the industry to connect with, collaborate with or receive support from.

  6. Promote the club you train out of so that they can grow, develop and advance their brand too.

Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your sporting career, its never too late to start building a powerful and successful brand identity.

If you're unsure about where to get started or would like to take your brand to the next level, our team at The Brand Bar can assist you in all of the necessary steps to achieve your goals and develop a successful brand.

Who is The Brand Bar?

We are a full-service marketing and communications agency and understand time is a valuable resource. We can do a full marketing review of your strategy on your behalf and make necessary recommendations for you to achieve your goals.

We can even implement it on your behalf via a project or monthly retainer arrangement, book a FREE 15 or 30 minute Discovery session by clicking here.

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Written by Caroline Edmunds-Latham The Brand Bar Pty Ltd #WeBuildBrands

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