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Zero Waste & Sustainable Swap Challenge

With the Marshall Liberal Government and House of Health Collective’s support, Sustainable Eco Store are launching a Zero Waste & Sustainable Swap Challenge this January with Environmental Minister, David Speirs agreeing to take the challenge to live waste free for five days and reducing his total waste to fit into a 500ml jar.

During January 2020 the House of Health team will be educating Australians about how small acts, when multiplied by millions, have the opportunity to change the world. The campaign is in support of the Government's Replace the Waste campaign to help businesses and the public learn more about the ban of single-use plastics in South Australia from 1 March.

- Download the Media Release for this campaign by clicking here.

- If you or your colleagues would like to participate and share your experience, please contact

- Learn more about the South Australian Government's Replace The Waste Campaign by clicking here.

- Download branding assets under the Brand Assets heading by clicking here.

- We'll update this page with a link to campaign assets in the coming days.

For all media inquiries

Philippa Crosthwaite

Ph: 0433091611


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