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10 Social Media Marketing Tools I can’t live without!

I get asked regularly by friends and by our clients what tools they should consider to help their marketing strategy.

There are numerous applications and tools that are essential to me being able to do my job, I thought I’d share a couple with you to not give too much away 😉

1. Hootsuite:

Schedules content and distributes it automatically via multiple social media platforms.

2. VSCO:

Has great presets and editing tools to make beautiful photos and videos. I usually will have a look at VSCO Instagram themes on Pinterest to find a theme that works perfectly with a business's brand and tone.

3. Canva:

Creates beautiful designs and graphics with a range of themes to choose from. We set up style guides for clients and templates that can be accessed by them and our team members who don’t have Photoshop.

4. Facebook Business Manager:

I find this an easier option to manage multiple pages and ad accounts in one spot.

5. Tag O’Matic:

Researches the best hashtags for Instagram for your industry so you can reach more people that are interested in your business.

6. Buzz Sumo:

Analyses trending topics to write about and find influencers who are in your industry to market your content for you.

7. Bitly:

Shorten your links in your post so they look cleaner and track CTR on your shared links and behaviour after the click.

8. Talkwalker Alerts and Google Alerts:

Monitors any mentions online.

9. Influencer Marketing Hub:

This is great for analysing influencers Instagram accounts. I use it to check any influencers page before working with them to ensure their reach is organic and they haven’t purchased ghost followers.

10. Grammarly:

This is a must-have for The Brand Bar staff. It’s essentially an extension on your Google Chrome that checks your work for spelling and grammatical errors, we put all our work through this program before submitting anything.


I’ve just discovered an app called Databox – it pulls all your analytical information into one convenient place, saving you time and resources pulling together reports every month from multiple sources.

Flip Danson - Flipasaurusrex


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