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IEM has arrived and so has ESports in Sydney

What a weekend ahead from Friday to Sunday at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney! Full of fun, hype and madness as the arena is transformed into an Esports spectacular!

The next instalment of the Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV has arrived in Sydney. An amazing festival atmosphere that draws more than 8000 fans at a gathering described as a cross between an event and an exhibition. An experience incredibly broad beyond comprehension as 16 teams come together in the quest for $250K in prize money.

For viewing a top shelf recap of 2018 where Faze Clan were crowned the 2018 Champions, check out the vlog from the amazing @Mishmanners who was “so excited” 😊

One of the stars at IEM 2018, Styko from Mousesports, the most successful German club, described the atmosphere “reminds me of a football match.”

The fundamentals of the event overall are 16 teams competing for $250K prizemoney that have to complete a Group Stage at a hidden location, studio broadcast from April 30th to May 2nd.

From there begins the Group stage:

· 2 groups with each group has 8 teams

· 8 teams double elimination

· First round of upper bracket is Bo1

· Other matches are Bo3

After this come the Playoffs:

· 6 teams playoffs Bo3

· Grand final Bo5

Some of the biggest, best and most talented teams are coming.

So looking forward to getting my outfit sorted (respectable black or something expressive, unsure as yet) and picking up plenty of swag, diving into the rowdy crowd and checking out some of the latest creativity in PC rigs and hardware. Secretly that's my favourite.

Catch you there 😊


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