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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Somm Wine Merchants are a Wine Distribution Agency that has been operating around South Australia since the end of 2017. Director, Ben Warren and his team approached us in the start-up phase of their business to get assistance with the development of their business and marketing plan to best make an impact in the market.

We worked with them on developing a marketing strategy that worked for their business during their initial start-up phase and executed the below for the business.


We took into account that Somm Wine Merchants wanted to create a simple, clean and modern logo that they could amend throughout the four seasons with various colour themes. They loved the orange that was initially developed below.


Somm Wine Merchants initial website development objective was to create a site that garnered interest and intrigue and enquiry and get people to sign up to their database. The following video was created as their homepage on their holding site.


We developed Somm Wine Merchants original holding site while we developed their other collateral. It had an enquiry form that appeared on the landing page to get people to join e-news.


As a Wine Distributor, Somm Wine Merchants needed an easy up to date guide they can leave with venues showcasing the brands they represent. We developed the below and keep it updated for the agency. We have included the contents and omitted its contents for client confidentiality.

Somm Wine Merchants decided to change their colour identity from orange to yellow for the Summer season to differentiate between the catalogues and encourage their clients to obtain the latest version.

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