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2020 Marketing trends you can’t ignore

- How will you add value to your customer experience in 2020?

- How will you stay top of mind this year?

- How will you attract more customers this year?

Not sure where to begin with your 2020 Marketing Strategy?

Check out these three marketing trends we see becoming big in 2020 to get you started!


With the content marketing industry looking to be worth over a staggering $400 billion by 2021 incorporating a high-level content strategy into your marketing plan is becoming the most effective way to show how you can offer value to your audience and enhance visibility to be able to reach your target audience.


- Personalised content

- More landing pages and results-focused content

- Video and live-steaming

- Visual – heavy social media

- User and search intent-driven content creation will grow

- Conversational marketing will continue to evolve (tell stories!)

- Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and interactive content

- Considering using professional marketers like The Brand Bar to develop and implement your strategy!


BONUS TIP: Remember to document content as well as create content from scratch.


Consider enhancing your customer experience and accessibility using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in 2020. As the technology begins to become more accessible its popularity will grow so be in the first to adopt the technology while there is still an advantage over your competitors.

The technology enhances and adds value to the way people to engage and interact with your product or service and is great for building brand awareness and enhancing memorable customer experience

EXAMPLE: The IKEA PLACE App is a great example of the use of Virtual Reality enhancing customer experience and providing another touchpoint for their target customer to interact with their brand.

The app, which is available on the App Store allows users to place furniture in a room in their house. Being able to see how a product will interact in your environment without having to set foot in a store is liquid gold. Adding this kind of value and convenience to their customer experience builds confidence in the buyer and increases their chance of securing a repeat customer.


Social media marketing largely already exists for many businesses and is pivotal in online marketing. Your content needs to be informative and of high quality to create emotional relationships and start conversations.

In 2020 lookout for

- Influencer Marketing will continue to grow

- Online shopping will become more popular via social media

- Stories will become more important and beneficial for brands

- Augmented Reality for social media will become more accessible

- Chatbots and improved customer service

image via @lioninthewild

BONUS TIP: Consider collaborating with influencers and brands who have a large volume of followers relevant to your industry to enhance reputation, credibility and more importantly to help your message reach a wider range of followers.

Finally, remember to keep up to date and watch out for emerging trends that can improve your marketing and in turn will develop and grow your brand, which trends will you be including in your strategy for 2020?

I'll be focussing on customer experience focus where I can, we have seen one of the biggest and best approaches to market a business or a brand is around customer experiences. If you can provide this, consumers will continue to come back and provide that repeat business that helps brands grow! Consider starting with something small like ensuring your staff are educated and up to date about all things to do with your business to be your best advocate.

Written by: Gemma Tye, Content Producer/Intern

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