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5 Marketing Challenges to Address in the Second Half of 2024

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5 Marketing Challenges to Address in the Second Half of 2024

With the rapid rise of new technologies, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As we enter the second half of 2024, discover these five marketing challenges to address to level up your marketing game!

Since the launch of ChatGPT just over a year and a half ago, the use of generative AI has been a hot topic in the marketing world. 

AI is proving to be a handy weapon in any marketer’s arsenal to tackle marketing challenges - whether that’s through generating tailored content ideas or auditing client’s internal site links. Knowing how to use AI to your advantage can absolutely change the game. 

Generative AI tools can be taught the style and tone of client content to then produce customised ideas to improve organic search engine rankings. Some marketing agencies have also been using AI in combination with web crawler sites like Screaming Frog to generate recommendations on where to place internal links. Others have even built customised generative AI tools for clients that generate a first draft of copywriting tasks in the brand’s voice. 

2. Social Video is King 

From Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to TikTok, if you’re on any social media app, chances are you’re watching a video. Studies have shown that on Facebook, users spend more than half their time on the platform watching videos, with this figure reaching 60% on Instagram. 

Meta’s strong push to Reels as the dominant content form has transformed how users interact with it’s apps. For socials, short form video content continues to be the way to go. 

3.  Utilise Visual Search

Visual search involves browsing online using an image rather than text input and is increasingly popular amongst consumers when searching for products. So if a customer sees something in real life or in someone else’s social media post that they like, visual search functions allow them to find products and brands with similar offerings. 

Leading brands such as IKEA and Nordstrom have already implemented visual search functionalities into their eCommerce. Crafting compelling images to make the most of these search tools is also a good way to get ahead. 

4. Authenticity over Polished Messages

With the rise of AI, branded content and high ad frequency on social media, one of the main marketing challenges to address is maintaining genuine, human content rather than elaborate, polished productions. It’s important to keep it real as consumers want to hear stories from people rather than brands. Larger and more refined campaigns can be supplemented with more authentic content - examples include meeting the team, behind the scenes, funny moments/bloopers, personal stories and community impact. 

5. Keep it mobile and tablet friendly 

In today’s digital landscape, consumer activity from smartphones and tablets makes up a major portion of internet traffic. This means it is crucial for all brands and marketers to ensure that consumers experience a seamless interaction with their digital content on mobile. Providing a superior user experience on mobile is a surefire way to stand out from competitors, drive engagement and retain users. 

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