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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

With hot cross buns and chocolate eggs filling the shelves at local supermarkets, Easter is a difficult time to ignore. For businesses, Easter presents businesses with a great opportunity to capitalise on a holiday that inspires people to relax and have fun.

You don’t need an enormous budget to make an impact and maximise opportunities, the objective of your campaign should be to;

- Increase business visibility

- Drive web traffic

- Convert customers

- Strengthen relationships

- Boost profit

Check out 4 'Egg-scellent' Easter Marketing ideas to try below:


- Sending an email to your database is a great opportunity to promote your brand.

- If you’re after a strong return on little investment, try creating special offers available for the long weekend only.

- Promote your special Easter product or sale by highlighting it at the top of your email or newsletter.

- If you’re not selling a product, decorate your email to remind customers to start thinking about the upcoming holiday and your business.

- Reward loyal customers by offering an added value Easter gift or a short- term discount to make them feel special.


- Most 9-5 workers are on holidays so social media engagement will be at its highest. Leave yourself enough time to create well thought- out content that is shareable, engaging or conversational.

- Consider basing your Easter marketing campaign around funny videos and images online..

- Build a connection with your customers, grow your followers and engage them through Easter themed competitions.

- Synchronise your social media by matching the look and feel of your website.

- Target consumers precisely while also focusing on Easter with paid advertising.


- Point of sale can be an engaging memorable experience for a customer thanks to smartphones and social media.

- Make it 'Instagramable' by creating Easter themed backdrops or selfie props for visitors to play with and encourage them to share online using a hashtag or tag to win a prize.

- Create an Augmented Reality Easter egg hunt.


Yes please!

Remember, whatever you decide the chances are your customer has likely seen it all before (there's only so many plays on words you can do!) My final tip? Easter is meant to be the fun, less stressful version of Christmas, so don't forget to enjoy it with family and friends.

If you're looking for marketing campaign inspiration, we've got you covered, click here to view our "Top 4 Easter Marketing Campaigns".


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