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3 Marketing Trends to look out for in 2024

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It's fast approaching that time of year where we report on everything from this year, analyse what's worked, what needs tweaking and try to predict where to spend marketing resources for 2024!

Our very own Tom Hill has put together his predictions for marketing trends for 2024.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constantly rising factor of importance in the digital marketing world. Algorithms have greatly aided the ability to direct consumers to content, to branch out to a wider customer base. These Artificial Intelligence bases can be standalone, or integrated. AI can make automated decisions based on the data and knowledge it has collected and then predict what will happen in the future, to make informed decisions. As a rapidly rising resource, AI could continue to grow in importance in the marketing and business world.

2. Marketing Insights

In a world where change is evidently happening all around us, there is no doubt the same is happening in the marketing world. It is plain and clear to see, change is constant. Insights enable us to understand these further, going under the surface layer and discovering what is at the core. Often misconceived as purely just an observation, insights enable us to better understand our customers, their wants, and their needs. Marketing insights are undoubtedly crucial, and even more critical that the insight is a true one to make proper actions which convert to higher engagement. With so much content and many new ideas around every day, discovering insights will enable you to make informed decisions for your brand in 2024.

3. Shortened Video Content

Social media dominates the minds of many and plays a crucial role for many brands to reach their target consumers nowadays. Digital applications like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, have been associated with brands for promotion for quite some time now and are constantly looking at ways they can compete. Content options are far broader than they have ever been before. Consumers constantly want faster, shorter, and more exciting information to consume through sources such as Instagram Reels or Tik Toks that only go for a short amount of time. This enables users to view more content, faster, and keeps them engaged in what they are consuming. Shortening your video content might unlock many new target consumers.

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Written by Tom Hill

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