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5 Tips to be on top of your Marketing this Christmas Season

Everyone knows Christmas has arrived when festive carols start playing over speakers in stores and masses of people swam shopping centres in a mad panic to get the perfect gift for their loved ones. With plenty of hype and competition it can be a daunting time for brands trying to get the most out the festive period. We’ve put together some marketing tips to help your products and services sell this festive season.

You can never plan to early

Winging it is definitely not an option with so many campaigns and competition around for the busiest time of year. Use this time to review your previous year performance, your target audience and create timelines of important dates and for content publishing.

Example: Once campaigns are finalised we often put them into a clear calendar like this GANTT chart with clear dates of deadlines we can manage to ensure there are no missed opportunities.

Get Festive

Christmas is a quite magical time of year that you get to share with your friends and family, use this in your content and embrace your creative side and really get festive. Think of the possibility of doing Christmas giveaways or reduced prices it’s a great way to draw people in and get your brand image out there.

Example: Complimentary gift wrapping is a great cheap way to add value to customers purchase experience and get them over the line with a purchase.

Market the right message to the right audience

Know your target audience’s demographic inside and out and where they hang-out so you know which are the best platforms that have the same audience to push out your message to reach them.

Test your tech tools

If you have an online store/website, make sure you have tested it thoroughly because there’s nothing worse than seeing a product online, then when it comes to purchasing it doesn’t work. Especially this time of year with high online traffic sometimes errors pop up so ensure you have someone on hand to get it up and running as quickly as possible if something was to happen.

Example: Here’s client, Jules Robinson from FIGUR and Director, Flip having a remote meeting to test a competition sign up process via They got friends and family with no insight or knowledge about the campaign to test the process to provide us with honest feedback about the process to enhance it.

Don’t forget your existing customers

With the temptation of putting all your marketing into new customers for your products and services don’t forget those that already love and purchase your products. Look at ways to attract your existing customers to new products and get them involved in your marketing, the trust of loyal customers with your brand helps in attracting new ones.

Example: We reinvigorated Microtexx Haircare's existing online client base with a successful Christmas bundle offer we sent via SMS text message offer which was supported with a social media advertising campaign staying top of mind.

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