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A letter to my niece

Life has been recently filled with a number of unforeseen things that need to be handled. A little extra level of hectic has seeped in. Some things we handle as best we can, others bring new hope and joy.

This weekend I'm going to take a rapid trip to Melbourne. A little work intended, yet mainly to see my new born niece, Margot (and her big sister, Georgie) and my family. There is nothing better than the feeling of welcoming somebody new into our family. The spontaneity was rewarded immensely when I was able to hold her for the first time and spend some precious moments looking into her innocent eyes.

Connecting with my family, the first time in this new combination a few weeks ago now triggered a thought to take some quiet time and project forwards. Hence a little shift of difference with this post to a personal message for Margot I wrote for her the day I met her for her and I to look back on in years to come.

Miss Margot with Philippa, April 2019

Dear Margot,

Today I, your Aunt Philippa, had the pleasure of meeting you, holding you and snuggling you for the very first time. After getting off the plane, and catching a bus, the time until I arrived here was full of the usual screen activity, messages, posts and replies that comprise the digital world that we now live in. How does that look for you head? I find it tough to comprehend.

Finally, I have been able to release the courage and strength to start my own business. I wanted to be in complete control of my destiny. After many years of thinking, planning and discovery, I have made that step and launched The Brand Bar. Gratefully I have been able to connect with many people who have generously helped me, and Adam has been tremendous support.

Fox Sports Sarah Jones interviewing Philippa Danson at a BBL cricket match in 2012

In trying to find a point of difference in building a future value, we have decided to become involved with ESports and the community that is connected into the sports industry I am familiar with.

ESports at Bankstown Sports 2019

I grew up with NBA Jam, Mario Bros, Sonic (I've just started playing this again AND LOVING IT!) Nitati, mainly from playing with your dad, Andrew. The easier ability and expectation that screen time starts earlier means that you will likely find this not too far after your walking begins. It might be a new version of Run Sausage Run, something not invented yet, likely Minecraft.

As I look deeper into esports, meet more people and attend more events, the interest and fascination become greater. Every step that I take and every conversation I have reveals a natural level of energy, vibrancy and togetherness that just makes sense.

Philippa spending time with her eldest niece Georgie (G)

Anybody can play. Anybody can watch. Anybody can comment.

The acceptance that is sweeping across gaming communities, player and audience is creating a new digital freedom.

There is a surging wave building around women in sport. Inspiration is emerging from the actions of females in sporting contests with heightened visibility creating greater audience and interest.

This energy around women is also becoming apparent in Esports. If I can find the right position, give something back to this sport then a path can be established of substance.

Hopefully I can work hard and smart enough to build something of this business that will allow me to have conversations with you and share some proper guidance from the experience and life as a good auntie should.

How will this look for you? We shall find out.

In closing for now, I am so proud of your parents and how great they are going to be for you. I am also always going to be here for you.


Auntie Philippa



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