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Are you productive or just busy?

Being busy often gets confused with productivity, especially when it comes to your own business. This can lead to longer hours with little return or completion of goals and objectives.

The question is what does productive work look like? It involves:

  • Quality time driving objectives and key results, time to think properly.

  • Meeting business objectives.

  • Totally in the flow, focused work.

  • Useful meetings that arrive at a solution for a problem.

  • Generation of ideas, creativity with energy and passion.

  • Collaboration is a defining feature of productivity.

  • Outputs and value.

  • Being in a space to minimise disruptions.

Measuring your productivity is extremely important to ensure you meet your goals and keep your business objectives on track. Judging productivity can happen in a multitude of ways including,

Conact us for help managing your productivity management plan. Looking for some professional expertise? We can help.

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