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Emily In Paris: A Marketing Professionals Perspective..

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Trawling through Netflix for my nightly search of the perfect show to compliment answering emails and finishing the day I stumbled across Netflix’s new release, Emily in Paris. See their blurb about the show below,

“Emily voices her concerns over a risqué new ad campaigns while juggling problems, language lessons and disagreeable co-workers”

... I was intrigued (and I like Lily Collins 😂) so I hit play ▶️ and settled in to write emails.

One minute in, I quickly realised the campaigns the blurb was referring to were marketing ones.

So! If you’ve ever wondered what goes through the head of someone watching a TV show about a profession they work in, here are the voice to text transcribed thoughts of a Marketing Professional and agency owner watching the first two episodes of Emily In Paris on Netflix.. I’ve tried to keep it to the bits about marketing, enjoy.


  • 2.30 mins in.. all believable so far

  • Wait!!!!! Did she just say she’s been appointed as Director of a Marketing agency in France despite her boss insinuating she had never had pitched a proposal to a client? 🧐🧐🧐 Anyway, moving on..

  • Paris is beautiful.. That is all.. I’m ignoring the fact they sent a non-French speaking person as the best option to represent their company.

  • She’s just met one of the Directors - you know, the one smoking in the office? 😂While he seems hesitant to accept her due to her lack of retail experience, Marketing skills are transferable across different industries, its principals are generally the same, the rest can easily be learnt. In many cases working with a Marketer without industry experience can bring a fresh perspective because they can see the best way to communicate to your target audience without the bias and beliefs that may be engrained in staff and brands over years of working in the industry.

  • The way she talked about engagement is right, not that they really care to understand, I feel for her, those blank stares staring back at you are the worst - A big challenge in marketing is many don’t understand it, its importance or value so a lot of the time you’re trying to educate as well as strategise and get your ideas across, and hopefully have time for summary of action items at the end, it’s a lot 😂 She’s trying! Implementing a successful marketing program requires having the entire team on board, trying to educate so they have an understanding of the reason why helps!

  • Has she gone from 48 to 200 followers in one post with no location tagging, tagging or hash tagging? Surely I’m mistaken?


  • 1 minute in, Ok, I have some questions,

  • 1435 followers? What app is she using? It’s defs not Instagram 📱🤷‍♀️

  • Did that marketing agency in 2020 just say they discourage their clients using social media or was I still wondering how a Marketing Director of a major agency can walk into start work at 11.15am? 🧐

  • Ha I said it last episode - she is the customer that wants it! It’s always important to look at the big picture and not get tunnel vision about what you think your customer wants because you’re so immersed in the brand and can’t see past it.

  • How has she gained so much organic traction on social media over night? She’s posting on the fly with no thought, at whatever time of day with no consistency of hashtags or community engagement, someone please enlighten me 🙏🏻

  • Love her understanding of how to use data in marketing, confused how her client has got to his position without coming across the concept of harnessing the power of data and analytics to push your marketing message 🧐🧐

  • Ahhhh now they can see the power of influence 👌 Creating content is only part of it, your content won’t contribute to your marketing objectives unless it is engaged with, having someone of influence share your content exposes your brand to all their followers - cheap marketing, right?

All in all so far? The principals behind the strategy are ok, it’s a nice easy watch and has cured another potential night of COVID-related boredom BUT, it’s not realistic, the growth of followers she’s receiving is not relative to the quality of content she’s producing and I still am stumped a marketing agency are so backwards and she was appointed with her experience level.

In a nutshell? While you can get some cute tips and tricks I wouldn’t be watching this as gospel to mirror my marketing efforts across my business and expect success 🤪

Philippa (Flip) Crosthwaite


The Brand Bar

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