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ESports: What to expect at a live CS:GO tournament

CS:GO in Bankstown – Part 1

For those of us who share the affection that our significant other has for cricket, in Sydney when any mention of Bankstown is made it is generally in reference to the immortal Bankstown District Cricket Club located at one of the most loved grounds. Adam navigated us to Bankstown Sports Club, ironically with cricket kit in the boot making it a little squashed for 3 people to attend in his two door car, where we went to experience a live CS:GO competition aka Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

With thanks to Hotspawn, CS:GO is described as two teams armed with guns, going after one another. The casual experience has all the standard game modes that can be found in a Call of Duty or Rainbow Six. However in competition mode it is far more strategic and entertaining.

Arriving at Bankstown Sports Club, winding our way through the ever-changing congestion, first point was to check out the size of the venue and many of the different entertainment options. Deciding upon the Little Italy precinct in La Piazza (although the Basement Brewhouse has considerable appeal) we enjoyed some pumpkin gnocchi and a cracking pizza with a nice glass of shiraz.

Bankstown Sports Club have been the pioneer in developing a local Esport community at grassroots level in launching Platform Zero Esports in December 2017 with a FIFA18 tournament in The Grand Ballroom where 300 players attended to compete for $10K in cash and prizes.

Now, what was once a Piano Bar on a Rotunda, has been transformed into a state-of-the-art dedicated space for competitive PC and Console gaming every night of the week. Initial feedback reported from players and spectators about the new PZE Bar was hugely positive, with many people quite impressed with the facilities and the space.

Counter Strike

From our visit and being able to have direct conversations with management, staff, players and local community competitions (MC Esports), this sentiment is growing even more appreciative towards how Platform Zero has helped to grow the realm, not just in the local area, yet drawing players from interstate. CS:GO events are also streamed live on Twitch and the PZE Facebook Page.

With a regular schedule of events that have featured League of Legends, Tekken 7, FIFA, Fortnite and Counter-Strike, a loyal following is being established. The added bonus of prize money each week and feature events. Apex Legends will be happening soon as well.

The next post and part for this story will dive a little deeper into the things that we learned from this trip. Now just need to convince Adam of getting a little Tekken 7 practice at home so I can enter the competition on another night 😊

A big thank you to Andrew and Jason from Bankstown Sports Club who hosted us on the night and explained their ideas and vision for ESports at the PZE Bar. Watch this space as we will be and its sure to go from strength to strength just as the whole of the Bankstown Sports Club has over recent years.


The Brand Bar

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