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International Women's Day with Shana Kent

Updated: Mar 7

With 2024's International Women's Day approaching, The Brand Bar sat down with Shana Kent of innovative Melbourne venue, Tricky Wicket to discuss her pathway from idea inception to becoming part of the ownership team at one of Melbourne's leading sports hospitality venues and her lifelong love for hospitality.

An image of Shana Kent

International Women's Day with Shana Kent

Meet Shana Kent, a trailblazing entrepreneur making waves in the hospitality industry with her innovative approach and unwavering dedication to experience and excellence.

As one of the founding group members of immersive cricket hospitality venue, Tricky Wicket located in Malvern, Melbourne, Victoria and stepping into the role of Community Manager in its day-to-day operations, Shana is carving out a reputation for herself as a visionary with a passion for delivering unforgettable experiences to her guests, and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty in the trenches with staff at the venue.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Sarah is a mother of three and an avid traveler, coming to Australia from her home country of America many years ago and enjoying trips and memories shared as a family.

In every endeavour she undertakes, Shana embodies the spirit of innovation, passion, and hospitality. With her unwavering dedication to elevating the guest experience and her visionary leadership, she continues to shape Tricky Wicket, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of crossing paths with her.

Tricky Wicket Cricket Panel

Tell us about your business Tricky Wicket:

"My business is in hospitality. I have a restaurant called Tricky Wicket in Malvern, VIC. We take pride in the food we serve, and we add a twist of fun to your restaurant experience with an option to have some fun with an immersive cricket experience in one of our four nets inside the venue."

Celeste in the nets at Tricky Wicket

How did it start and where are you now?

"Our brains all started the concept during COVID, we spent some time in USA where there is Top Golf. Every time we went, we didn’t enjoy the food, so we would eat elsewhere and then golf. My husband and I - along with a few others - started coming up with the concept of having some great food and mixing it with some fun in Australia. We didn't want to do golf as it had already being done, we wanted something different. In Australia, everyone loves their backyard cricket, so we went with this concept and it continued growing from there. We have launched our first venue just over a year ago, and now in the works of growing Tricky Wicket across the state and different parts of Australia."

Pouring Aperol's at Tricky Wicket

What did you dream of doing when you were a little girl?

"I have always loved hospitality, because I love interacting with people. I worked 14 years in hospitality before taking a break to be a mum. I’ve always wanted a cafe of my own, but this is a lot more fun!"

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International Women's Day


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