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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Caitlin Jeffries of Custom Podiatry Services originally approached The Brand Bar for help managing her social media accounts for one of her podiatry clinics in Adelaide, South Australia.

After meeting with Caitlin to hear more about her objectives for her social media, we discovered she owned and managed multiple podiatry clinics under separate names, website addresses and social media accounts.

We put together a marketing strategy with the objectives of consolidating her multiple names and accounts to fall under one main umbrella brand, Custom Podiatry Services and therefore strengthening her impact in the market. This marketing strategy included rebranding, website and social media overhaul and ongoing PR and Communications Management.


We first worked with Caitlin on redefining her logo and her style guide before rebranding her clinics with new signage and collateral.

We really liked the modern look of the logo that Adelaide Graphic Designer, Lauren Lepore had created for her originally with the incorporation of the foot so we worked to redefine and enhance it. We produced the logo in many different colour concepts for Caitlin to select her favourite and both agreed a fresh, bright coral red was both bold and fresh and something different to other podiatry locations in Adelaide.


Once the logo and redesign was complete, we met with Caitlin to discuss her website and what her objectives were for the new site. Taking into consideration current trends in the healthcare industry through market research we conducted, we then put together a proposal and website skeleton of how her new website would be laid out.

We wanted to produce a site with its user in mind. We wanted to produce a site that captured information, was educational, showcased the latest in foot health care technology and had options for third party software integrations and could be enhanced with a strong SEO strategy post-launch.

Once this proposed site skeleton was approved, The Brand Bar went away and wrote copy for the entire site and while this was with Custom for editing we worked to start to develop the site using the existing content library we had at our disposal.


From here we were able to create a hit list for the content we needed to flesh out the rest of the website and utilising the photography arm of the business we did a photo shoot at her clinics, collecting content for both the new website and social media platforms ongoing post website launch.


On a monthly basis, The Brand Bar meet with Custom Podiatry Services to look at upcoming opportunities to promote her business and pitch stories to the media and post on social media. Please see some of the PR angles we have taken to enhance SEO and got media exposure from for Custom Podiatry here.

The Brand Bar also helps produce videos for Custom Podiatry Services like the below.

We had researched what was trending in podiatry video content online and discovered the most engaging content was of BTS videos of foot healthcare treatment.

We wanted to produce something that was both educational and candid and had an orientation for social media to garner interest in Custom Podiatry Services to help launch the new look of the business. We did a targeted Facebook boost and got great traction from this video which we are going to produce more of using professional filming equipment.


Currently we are integrating third party software into the new Custom Podiatry Services website to enhance the user experience. As well as implementing software to enable clients to book appointments online we're also working on creating a mobile app for patients which links to personalised treatment plans with marketing automations to make clients feel special.


Now we're approaching the conclusion of the rebrand for Custom Podiatry Services, we're currently in the planning stages of ramping up their digital marketing to start to increase awareness and make Custom Podiatry Services the Podiatrist of choice in South Australia. This will be supported by ongoing PR activities and partnerships for third party endorsement.

Watch this space!

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