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QUICK HACK: Spice Up Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Updated: May 3, 2023

Are your emails feeling a tad... boring? Spice up your next EDM and bring more life to your communications with this quick HACK!

Follow along and try this hack out for yourself with the video tutorial or written transcript below.

Video Tutorial

Written Transcript

"Sick of sending the same old boring emails? Well check out this quick marketing hack to spice up your next EDM.

For this tutorial I'm using Canva, MailChimp and some artwork that I've already created. I could just use this single image and headline and be done, but I want to make it a little more interesting.

To create movement, I've used four images of me. They're essentially the same. I'm just slightly moving my hand in each frame. Another option could be to animate the text and just use one image. But that's not what I want to do today.

If you're using multiple frames, just make sure to adjust the duration here.

So when your design is done:

  1. Go to 'Share'

  2. Go to 'Download'

  3. And instead of 'PNG', change this to 'GIF'

  4. Then 'Download'.

Then we head over to our MailChimp tab with the project that we've already been working on. And this is where a little hack comes into play.

  1. Select 'Add image file'

  2. Upload your GIF

  3. [Click] 'Preview'

And you're done!"

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Written by Caroline Edmunds

The Brand Bar Pty Ltd

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