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Rising Above Information Overload

We’re all living in a dystopian novel now. The silent, invisible assassin in our midst pads before us and through us, spreading before a single cough announces its arrival,” wrote Nikki Gemmell, self-appointed scribbler 🤣 some four weeks ago as our collective future became rampantly unpredictable.

Wherever I turn, whoever I speak with, every message I read, every post that I browse, the meme’s that make me giggle, all have the same underlying themes of confusion and helplessness.

Now with the Easter Bunny in the rear view mirror, my upended world falling into a pattern of whatever new normal is, it is time to stop whirling around trying to absorb the information overload and step forward with as much boldness and courage I can gather.

The enforced isolation so far has been a complete 180° spin from the last year in trying to progress The Brand Bar beyond an idea, an inspiration and hope into a career that allowed me to work with good people, at my own pace and feel good about every day. I have been blessed with the support and encouragement that Adam has given me, yet the ultimate wake up call has now arrived.

A recent article published in The Australian by Max Maddison referencing Juliet Bourke from Deloitte has stayed with me since late March.

“Thrust into makeshift offices, Australians are adjusting to the strange new reality of working from home and, while some experts fear productivity and innovation are suffering, others believe it will lead to a working revolution.”

I definitely found the first few weeks that the former was our household indeed. Having moved to Melbourne with the in-laws for what we thought was a temporary measure until we found our own place, has now become our fixed place of residence for the time being. It has started to uncover unexpected benefits as we now have a vegetable garden to take care of.

“At the moment it just seems like people are flailing their hands in the air and running around in circles,” says Bourke.

The sudden transition to home-based working means companies and employees are scrambling to replicate the office environment in a virtual space. But the momentous shift has left people with information overload while simultaneously dealing with the emotional and mental toll of the evolving health crisis.

Yes absolutely, that has been me.

But that also was me.

Not any more as I want the customers, colleagues and friends who have supported me in getting The Brand Bar from being a glimmer of an idea into order and being able to provide end-to-end Marketing and Communications service solutions to build your brand into this new future.

Ahead will be a series of posts about the way that I am approaching next. Tapping into my ♥ of all things bright and colourful to help keep things focused and in some order of logic, the next post coming will be Code Blue.

Stay strong for each other.


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