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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Why has the biggest star at Riot Games gone freelance?

Earlier this month as I enjoyed being covered in brick dust at a brick factory in Adelaide , finding a new level of courage in being uncomfortable, an established star of the rapidly emerging sporting future was making a bold choice in career direction within ESports.

Sjokz (pronounced “shocks”) released a video to her fans explaining the reason why she left Riot Games and went freelance.

Sjokz has become a force in the ESport realm being the face of League of Legends, many associated broadcasts and shows for more than seven years. She built a reputation that has attracted a considerable fan base due to her interview methods in adapting to let the players shine.

The impact of the video on YouTube (254K views in a few days) bumped subscribers to her channel well over the 100K mark. Given the standard of content that Sjokz maintains over Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram she has grown to prominence with growing follower bases across all. Click here to see her channel.

Sjokz explained the need to have “more agency in deciding where I am going to be” as had “missed almost every birthday, anniversary and special occasion” for far too long. Working all year round, even in passionate pursuit, can take a toll. Sjokz had announced her methods for taking control.

As a freelance professional, there are no limits in developing identity and brand that are valued and meaningful. Being able to think and act with a desire to find that proper and careful balance is a path that Sjokz has courageously decided is for her.

She is somebody whom I admire and am inspired when observing, even though from far away, a feeling has been created of closeness.

Not quite as close as that brick dust, although it was memorable and important in helping that partner reveal unidentified yet meaningful content to fill the gaps.

Philippa Danson

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