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Sustainable Co Eco Store officially open for business after official media launch

House of Health Collective (HOH) and the Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs announced South Australia’s ban on single-use plastics from March 1, 2021 at the media launch of HOH’s newest sustainable and eco-friendly store, Sustainable Co Eco Store in the Adelaide Central Markets.

In support of the Minister’s strategy around education in the lead up to the deadline of 1 March and with House of Health Collective’s support, Sustainable Eco Store is pleased to announce the launch of a “Zero Waste & Sustainable Swap Challenge” during the month of January to educate the public about how small acts, when multiplied by millions, have the opportunity to change the world.

- Please view Media Release regarding Sustainable Co Eco Store launch by clicking here.

- Please download raw imagery and video from the launch for your usage by clicking here

- A promotional video will be added in the coming days

For all media inquiries

Philippa Crosthwaite

Ph: 0433091611


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