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Limited Marketing budget? This post is for you!

How awesome is this new Motorolla mobile phone, projector AND computer all rolled into one?! The future is digital my friends and it has arrived on our door steps, Wait for it…🙈📲

Depending on the industry, this video I shot of a friend’s new phone last night is why I often recommend to clients with a limited marketing budget to consider concentrating their marketing efforts to focus on social media and tailor to mobile devices..

Need more convincing the future is mobile and social?

✨ 87% of Australians now have a smart phone ✨ Most Australian’s use the internet via their phone (88% use the internet / 74% use the internet via their phone) ✨ Still not convinced? We spend 5 hours and 34 minutes every single day using the internet and 1 hour and 39 of those minutes on social media on average 😱

The future is now!

Contact to learn how we can help your business prepare for the future and if interested, check out some more of the above facts and figures above in the 2017 Doilette Mobile Consumer Survey here:

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