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The Million Dollar Catch: Catch Max Case Study

In January 2024, we extended the experience of our online community centered around cricket superstar Glenn Maxwell, from the virtual realm into the real world, fostering deeper connections between fans and their idol.

A group of six people standing together in the middle of the MCG.
Catch Max online community members with cricket superstar, Glenn Maxwell.

Since April 2023, during the last Indian Premier League season, our project "Catch Max" has been a monumental undertaking. Through a variety of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), we've diligently built Glenn Maxwell's online community and established a digital fan club of dedicated "Superfans" via paid memberships. These memberships offer a plethora of benefits, including exclusive opportunities to engage with Glenn Maxwell through video calls and Q&A sessions, participation in live watch parties featuring commentary from Glenn and special guests, as well as discounts from Glenn's key sponsors and entry into competitions for autographed merchandise and the prestigious Catch Max Million Dollar Catch! This groundwork laid the foundation for our inaugural in-person event, bridging the gap between the online community and real-life experiences.

A person running across the MCG with their arms raised to catch a cricket ball.
A "Superfan" going in for the Million Dollar Catch.

The Million Dollar Catch event was an absolute highlight! We invested significant effort into the preparations, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all participants.

The day kicked off with morning catch practice sessions with our two contestants from Queensland. Later in the afternoon, the excitement escalated as we headed to the iconic 'G with our two Victorian contestants.

Each participant selected a ball from the ball pit, each marked with a specific monetary value representing the prize they were aiming for. Amidst the crowd, we spontaneously picked another contestant who seized a ball worth $10,000.

While some daring souls attempted to double their winnings by catching balls one-handed, unfortunately, none succeeded. Nonetheless, everyone relished the complete Melbourne Stars experience, including meeting Glenn Maxwell and enjoying the game from the Stars Lounge. The event was a hit, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next one!

Catch Max has been designed to be a white label solution for fan engagement and sponsorship activation in a new measurable way; allowing athletes and sponsors to measure their data without the current public perception of other subscription models.

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