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Universal Pulls Pin On TikTok Music: Here Are The Potential Impacts

In a bombshell move by Universal Music Group (UMG) - the world’s largest music company - songs from artists such as Drake, Taylor Swift and Playboi Carti are now in jeopardy on social media platform TikTok due to a dispute over licence renewal talks. Universal pulls pin on TikTok music.

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The move has slammed a halt on viral TikTok trends, with music containing artists affiliated with UMG now having their music muted and made unavailable in videos previously created on the app. While the full fallout is still yet to be seen for businesses and content creators, there are undoubtedly repercussions to follow. Below is a list of some of the hurdles creators could face on the back of UMG’s surprise move. 

Limited Music Options

Businesses and creators that use TikTok for creating content and advertising campaigns will have fewer music options to choose from. Given UMG’s affiliation with many big name artists, this could notably impact the creativity and effectiveness of their TikTok content. Music often plays a significant role in setting the mood within videos, and subsequently engaging the audience.

Increased Licensing Costs

With Universal’s music no longer available on TikTok, some businesses may be forced to explore alternative music licensing options (depending on the setup of their account), which could be more expensive and less convenient. As a chain reaction, it could increase the cost of creating TikTok content for these businesses.

Impact on Audience Engagement

Given UMG’s music is popular and widely used on TikTok, its absence could even affect the engagement levels of TikTok users with business content. The reliance that businesses can have on music may be lessened, as brands are forced to find new ways to capture the attention of their audience - without relying on popular music tracks.

Shift in Content Strategy

Businesses may need to adjust their content strategy on TikTok to compensate for the lack of music available by UMG. This could involve using sound effects, or exploring other creative approaches to maintain audience engagement. Listening to the music in a public, ‘uncontrolled’ environment is one left-field approach creators could explore in order to use a UMG artist’s music. 

Universal pulls pin on TikTok music

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